International Practice

Finn Dixon & Herling LLP has a worldwide reach with its representation of clients whether it is advising our U.S. clients with respect to business and transactions outside of the United States or counseling our foreign clients with respect to business and transactions in the United States.  We recognize the realities of an increasingly global economy and that most of our client matters involve at least some degree of international factors. 

As our clients’ matters become more international and complex, our client mission remains the same and even more important -- providing comprehensive legal representation and practical, solution-oriented advice to our clients, grounded in a thorough understanding of each client's business and objectives at a reasonable cost

“Practical, Solution-Oriented Advice.”  We have developed close, working relationships with attorneys in developed and emerging countries around the world and continue to develop new relationships.  Many of these relationships have been built over many years of working together on international deals and the shared client service goal of providing the mutual client with Solution-Oriented advice in an efficient, seamless and clear manner.  Very importantly, our working relationships are with specific, local attorneys who embody our ideals and not with the law firms that are affiliated with such local attorneys.  This allows us to always be able to deliver a coordinated team to our clients both in the U.S. and abroad.  We avoid the overhead expenses and internal politics of having “global offices”, which allows us to be nimble, efficient and speak with one collective and fluent voice to our clients. 

“At a reasonable cost.”  In our experience, international matters can easily result in significant expenses and time delays due to communication issues, overlap of responsibilities and lack of awareness and appreciation of cultural differences.  We believe that process and communications are just as important as the substance in international matters (and truly the process impacts the substance and vice versa).  We strive to manage and optimize these process and communication items in collaboration with the client.  Very simply, we demand that we handle our clients’ international matters in the same process-oriented and solution-oriented manner that we have handled all of our client matters, domestic and international, since the firm’s founding in 1987.   

Our international experiences cover all of our practice areas and each practice group shares the client service principles described above.