Justin J. Shigemi speaks on a webinar titled Blockchain Revolution For Lawyers

May 17, 2018

Justin J. Shigemi, a partner in Finn Dixon & Herling LLP’s Investment Management and Private Funds practice groups, participated on a webinar titled Blockchain Revolution For Lawyers held on Thursday, May 17, 2018.  The webinar was sponsored by Events 4 Sure.

The webinar focused on why lawyers across the globe need to understand Blockchain and its potential repercussions, including:

  • An explanation of different Blockchain technologies (e.g., Bitcoin’s Blockchain and private vs. public Blockchains) and the potential impact of such technology on lawyers;
  • Blockchains, smart contracts and the law;
  • Why Blockchain may transform the global economy;
  • How the US and UK governments are using Blockchain technology;
  • The US and UK regulatory landscape with respect to different categories of tokens; and
  • Initial coin offerings (ICOs) in the US and UK.

For more information about this event or to listen to a recording of the webinar, please contact