Attorney Training

The hands-on nature of our practice lends itself to a high degree of on-the-job training. We meet every Tuesday afternoon to discuss what's new, what's interesting and what's important to each of us. From week to week, the discussion will vary, ranging from the nuances of a new piece of legislation or judicial opinion, to the antitrust quirks of a particular multinational deal, to our success in a particular lawsuit. Our more senior attorneys and partners do their best to ensure that more junior attorneys are involved in, and understand, as many facets of a legal problem as possible. We expand this training with regularly scheduled attorney seminars. Firm seminar topics can run the gamut, including topics such as:

  • Developments in M&A practice
  • Updates on Delaware law decisions
  • Latest developments in PIPE transactions
  • The tax nuts and bolts of transactional practice
  • Ins and outs of bank commitment letters
  • Implementing excellent client service
  • Business development and marketing
  • Presentations by third parties such as investment banks, public relations strategists and the like

Of course, we also strongly encourage attorneys to attend, at firm expense, seminars and conferences outside the office.