Pro Bono Program

Finn Dixon & Herling LLP is strongly committed to serving our community and improving our legal system.  Through the Firm’s pro bono program, the Firm actively encourages its attorneys to fulfill their professional responsibility to provide professional services at no fee or a reduced fee to persons of limited means or to public service, charitable and other appropriate non-profit groups or organizations, and/or to participate in activities for improving the law, the legal system or the legal profession.

Finn Dixon & Herling LLP is committed to providing the same quality of professional services to its pro bono clients as it provides to all of its other clients.  Accordingly, pro bono projects are given the same staffing, attention and resources as any other project, and attorneys providing professional services to pro bono clients are expected to possess and/or obtain the knowledge and experience required to provide outstanding services to such clients.

While the Firm hopes that all of its attorneys will provide professional services to pro bono clients, the Firm does not require any attorney to perform a minimum number of hours of Pro Bono legal services, and does not impose a general limit on the number of hours of Pro Bono legal services that may be performed by an attorney.  Approved Pro Bono legal services performed by an attorney are recognized in performance evaluations and taken into consideration in compensation decisions in the same manner as is any other work. 

Although the firm identifies and commits to pro bono projects from multiple sources, the firm has recently entered into an on-going relationship with the Connecticut Veterans Legal Center (the CVLC).  A large group of the Firm’s attorneys and paralegals participated in training from the CVLC on the basics of VA benefits, service connection claims, and appeals advocacy.  The Firm, through Deirdre Daly and Tony Miodonka, a partner and a senior counsel in the litigation practice group who have been accredited by the VA Office of General Counsel, can now prepare, present, and prosecute claims for veterans’ benefits for the VA.

The Firm has established a Pro Bono Committee, comprised of partners and associates of the Firm, which has general authority and responsibility for implementing the Firm’s pro bono policy.

For more information please contact Hank Baer (, partner and Chair of the Pro Bono Committee.